After the Millennials Interviewed on The Dusty Futon 

Two sets of paternal twins make up the Alternative band ‘After The Millennials’. From the same parents too! The familiar nature of these kids (16 and 19) helps make their harmonies sweet and beautiful. They grew up with instruments surrounding them and naturally fell into it. The youngest twins, Nate and Naomi (16), are kind of the glue for this group…mainly Naomi actually. She’s also the one who does most of the talking, writing, and singing. Their parents came out to watch the recording…and to protect us from these wild and sarcastic kids. It took us awhile to really nail down the lineage of these kids, but when we do we find out the Nate and Naomi are the youngest set of twins, playing Drums and Guitar respectively. Seth and Sarah are the oldest and provide the Piano and Bass…Seth couldn’t make it to the recording, but he was there in spirit! Their music comes together wonderfully with silky harmonies, smooth melodies, and stories from the heart. Make sure to follow After The Millennials on social media…these kids are already working the scene, playing the Chain Reaction and House of Blues up in Orange County. We get a live performance of one of their tracks and play two of their recorded songs, including their first single “Dream of Me” available anywhere you can get music… 10:30 – “Dream of Me“ 21:52 – “Fifteen” (LIVE PERFORMANCE) 45:53 – “Follow Your Lead“ The Dusty Futon, LLC is focused on revolutionizing the music industry…one artist at a time! We provide free tools and exposure to LOCAL and INDEPENDENT artists through networking. If you love what we do and want to support us, please consider viewing our Patreon page at You can always find us at and email us at

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