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After The Millennials

"Ramona" New Single Released 03/15/23

“After the Millennials” is an American band made up of 2 sets of twins, Seth, Sarah, Nate, & Naomi Crandall. Their love for music began at a very early age as their home was filled with instruments and music due to their father being a musician himself. Nate’s focus is on percussion, vocal harmonies, and writing. Naomi’s focus is on guitar, vocals, and song writing. The rest of the band is composed of Nate & Naomi's twin brother and sister Seth & Sarah. Seth is currently minoring in piano composition and has influences ranging from classical to punk. Sarah plays the bass guitar and double bass. Her musical interest definitely can be found in the 90's punk movement, but she has always been drawn towards songs that have catchy bass lines and hooks. Their songs portray raw emotional themes that relate to everyone, regardless of their age or background.



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After the Millennials Featured in LIFOTI Magazine

We are interviewed in the September 2019 edition!  You can check out the article electronically at http://www.lifoti.com/2019/09/southern-californias-alt-indie-band.html

We are so incredibly thankful for LIFOTI approaching us to do an article on After the Millennials, we hope you enjoy it. 


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A New Single Released Today... A Place of In-Between 

Our newest song is about when art defines the artist because society has willed it to be.  Having a hit song can sometimes be problematic much like being typecast into only certain roles. This sometimes leaves the artist "searching for…

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After the Millennials & 1More

We are so honored and thankful for our sponsor 1More, who makes the most incredible sounding headphones. We received our gear last week and have began using the Triple Driver Over-Ear's in the studio last night, as we continue to…

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After the Millennials Bring Down the House!

After the Millennials were one of seven bands selected by LiveNation / House of Blues Music Forward Foundation's Bringing Down the House class of 2019. The program included an 8 week mentorship program helping to educate young artists in the…

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After the Millennials Interviewed on The Dusty Futon 

Two sets of paternal twins make up the Alternative band ‘After The Millennials’. From the same parents too! The familiar nature of these kids (16 and 19) helps make their harmonies sweet and beautiful. They grew up with instruments surrounding…

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After the Millennials

After the Millennials were hand selected by Live Nations' Music Forward Foundation to be a part of the 2019 Bringing Down the House event in Los Angeles.